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The company "KIYAVIA" is one of the leaders among Ukrainian companies in the sales of transport and travel services for private clients


Are you preparing for a trip, business trip or weekend in Ukraine or abroad? This means that you will definitely need up-to-date and reliable data on all suitable flights on the proposed route, prices for bus, rail and / or air tickets, the cost of accommodation and the rooms availability in hotels. On the website or in the offices of KIYAVIA, each client can quickly and easily:

  • choose a flight on a suitable date/time;
  • buy or book railway and/or air tickets at a bargain price;
  • book a hotel in any country.

By contacting KIYAVIA, you can also:

  • get full visa support. All the hassle of obtaining a visa will be taken care of by our specialists;
  • order a transfer to / from the airport or rent a car abroad or in Ukraine;
  • issue an insurance medical policy for those traveling abroad or in case of an accident, insure luggage against loss or damage;
  • arrange transportation of baggage or cargo.


For any enterprise it is very important that business trips of the company's employees are organized promptly, clearly and professionally. We understand this and provide our corporate clients with comprehensive solutions for purchasing air tickets for business trips.

Employees of "KIY AVIA" take into account the wishes of each of our clients, offer high-quality service and do everything to ensure that business trips, individual trips or corporate trips of our clients pass with maximum comfort.

You can be sure that the high-quality transport and tourism services in Ukraine is real! To do this, you just need to contact any of several dozens of KIYAVIA offices to buy air or railway tickets, book hotels, arrange insurance, etc. It does not matter whether it will be in Kyiv or any other city with a population of more than one hundred thousand, the quality of the service provided is always on top!


The company "KIY AVIA" welcomes mutually beneficial, fruitful and long-term cooperation with partners. In an effort to build strong partnerships, we provide subagents with all the tools they need to serve passengers, sell air tickets, manage their own service fees flexibly, and benefit from net fares.

Company "KIYAVIA": we raise the comfort of travel and trips to a new height!


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