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Flight tickets to New York

Buy tickets to New York from Kiev at best prices

  • Special rates
    Exclusive contracts with main carriers and airlines give us the opportunity to offer you only the most profitable rates and special conditions.
  • Unique database
    Our database contains offers from more than 500 Ukrainian and international airlines. Travel anywhere with KIYAVIA!
  • Loyalty program
    We know everything about loyalty programs from our partner airlines and will help you to create a route taking into account special rates and offers.
  • Direct contracts
    The presence of direct contracts and contracts with representatives of airlines at the airport allows you to quickly resolve any disputes and respond to emergency situations.
  • Profitable prices
    Our system analyzes the data at your request and automatically selects the most suitable and cost-effective options.
  • Reliability guarantee
    We cooperate only with reliable suppliers of aviation and ground-based content. Direct contracts, exclusive conditions, and unique offers.

Questions and answers

  • What should I do if I made a mistake in my first or last name?

  • Can I renew a paid ticket on another passenger's name?

  • I was denied a visa. Can I return the air ticket?

  • Can I pay for a ticket in your office?

  • Can I change the date of departure or arrival?

  • What should I do if I do not have time to pay for the reservation in the allotted time?

  • Can I learn the rules of the exchange and return the ticket before making the payment?

  • My credit or debit card payment won't go through. What should I do?

  • Is it possible to omit the passport information when placing an order?

  • How do I know the weight of luggage I can take with me for free?

  • Why are you asking for US visa data?

  • How can I pay via bank transfer?

  • How can I return a ticket, if I'm a passenger, but not a client, and I do not have access to the personal account?

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