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Chernihiv is a city of legends and architecture of Kyivan Rus. Chernihiv plunges in greenery and can boast magnificent views, as it is located on the banks of the Desna River.

But the greatest value for tourists is unique religious buildings - ancient churches and temples of Chernihiv. This is the exact place where one can touch the monuments of Kyivan Rus times and fill one’s eyes with the masterpieces of architectural art built in the XI-XVIII centuries.

What is really worth paying attention is the cuisine of Chernihiv region – their special borsch, varenyky with a variety of stuffing and many dishes with potatoes are prepared here.

Interesting facts about Chernihiv

Chernihiv was first mentioned in the chronicle in 907

There are many cultural and historical monuments in Chernihiv

Chernihiv ranks first among the most environmentally friendly cities in Ukraine

Chernihiv is the birthplace of Moscow founder Yurii Dolgoruky and famous Ukrainian director Olexander Dovzhenko

A well-known Chernihiv beer was founded here

Anthony caves

Anthony Caves - a unique underground architectural complex, founded at the beginning of the XI century.  It is one of the places of religious pilgrimage and more than thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the caves each year. Caves are a system of underground and above-ground temples, which are interconnected by galleries. The total length of the underground complex is 350 meters, and its premises are located at a depth of 2 to 12 meters. Many ancient frescoes remained on the walls of some buildings.

Since the temperature in the underground is about + 5 ° C, it is recommended to take warm clothes with you.

Mazepas house

Mazepa's house

The House of the Regiment Office, also known as the "Mazepa’s house" or "Lizogub's Stonehouse", was built at the end of the XVII century in the style of the Ukrainian Baroque. Famous Colonel Yakov Lizogub was the owner of the house, but after his death, the house was sold to Hetman Ivan Mazepa. And later on, the Regimental Office of Chernihiv Cossack regiment was located here.

For quite some time, the building was empty and even began to collapse, and only in the '50s of the twentieth century it was completely reconstructed and restored in all its glory.

Red square

Red square

The Red Square, as well as the squares and boulevards surrounding it, is one of the most picturesque areas of Chernigov. It is also the cultural and administrative center of the city. This territory used to be the outskirts of Chernigov and was almost outside the city. But with the time, the market was founded here and they even began to build administrative and commercial buildings in this area. One thing led to another and soon the square around this area turned into a vivid center of the modern city.

Chernihiv Collegium

National University "Chernihiv Collegium"

The Chernihiv Collegium is considered to be the pearl of Ukrainian Baroque architecture. It was founded in 1700 by the example of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and became one of the first higher educational institutions on the left bank of Ukraine.

During the twentieth century, the educational institution, which trained teachers, has undergone a long way of reorganization. In 1998 it was renamed to Chernihiv state Pedagogical University of Taras Shevchenko. Only a few years later the institution acquired the status of the National University.

In the region, tourism is widespread
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