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Odessa is a unique, colorful and memorable city with a rich history. This picturesque part of Ukraine is well-known for its numerous parks, squares, boulevards, monuments, and masterpieces of architecture. There is a great number of balneological resorts in the areas of Arkadia, Luzanovka, and Kuyalnytsky. People from all over Ukraine and from other countries of the world come to Odessa to feel the atmosphere of humor and cheerfulness, to get acquainted with witty frank people and rest on the shores of the Black Sea.

Interesting facts about Odessa

the city is named after the Greek colony

There used to be Greek settlements on the territory of modern Odessa in the VI century. It is believed that the city is named after the Greek colony - Odessos.

Franz de Wollan was in charge of the planning of Odessa

According to his plan, the entire facade of the city was turned to the sea

The cobblestones from Derybasovska and Pushkinska streets were delivered from Naples

At the beginning of its existence, Odessa suffered from a lack of clean water.

In order to solve this problem, three fountains were installed that provided people with drinking water. Later the water was sold in the markets but it was of low quality though. Residents used to call it “Not a fountain” because of that. The phrase has become a quote and is still widely used today.

The traffic is left-hand on the Italian Boulevard and the High Lane

The first ambulance station in the Russian Empire was opened in Odessa in 1903

The Mayor of Odessa Jose de Ribas knew 7 languages

Odessa Opera House

According to Forbes, Odessa Opera House ranked top of the most interesting buildings in the Eastern part of Europe

the longest balcony in Europe

The building, located at the corner of Catherine and Greek streets, has the longest balcony in Europe

In Odessa, there is the first and still the only monument to Darth Vader in the world

Odessa is the city known for the longest and most entangled catacombs in the world

Their length reaches 2,5 thousand km

Derybasovska street

It is one of the most famous streets in Odessa. It’s the central street and the main attraction of the city. Its driveway is lined with pavement, but most of Derybasovska street is now pedestrian and closed to traffic. This is the place where all the residents and guests of the city love meeting and spending their spare time. Many celebrations are regularly held here.

Monument to José de Ribas

A small monument to the mayor of Odessa Jose de Ribas is located at the very beginning of Derybasovska Street. People see de Ribas with a shovel and residents jokingly call him "a treasure hunter".

The monument to the «12th chair»

If and Petrov’s novel "Twelve Chairs" became a favorite book of many people. A great bunch of quotes from it turned into well-known proverbs. The bronze chair on the granite pedestal was set in Odessa on April 1, 1999. Some quotes from the novel were written on the textile part of this chair. The monument "12th chair" is a popular tourist attraction. Everybody wants to sit down on it and take a picture to remember.

Monument to Leonid Utesov

Guests of the city may find another popular tourist spot on the main street of Odessa - a monument to the famous Odessa actor and artist Leonid Utesov. It was opened in 2000 to the 206th anniversary of the city. The sculpture depicts the actor sitting on the bench and resting after the concert. There is a jukebox opposite the monument, where one can order songs from the repertoire of the artist. The curious thing is that the monument was built on the donations of grateful citizens. The bench with the sculpture of L. Utesov is of great interest among tourists and residents of Odessa.

Opera House

The Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is distinguished by its exquisite architecture. Due to its significance and value, it’s the first theater in the city. The building was constructed in 1887 by architects Feller and Helmer in the style of a new Viennese Baroque. Above the facade of the theater, there is a sculptural composition depicting the patron of the theatrical art Melpomene in a chariot drawn by four petty panters. This image is an allegory which demonstrates that only the power of art can curb wildlife.

In the region, tourism is widespread
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